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© 2023 by  Manolo Rodriguez Fischnaler. "The Hands Photographer"


Every art piece in any collection is printed in high quality canvas only once, and they are all for sale. Each of them is signed by the author (Manolo Rodríguez F.), and includes a certificate guaranteeing that there is ONLY ONE (1/1) signed & printed canvas of that particular artwork. 


The size of the canvas is in centimeters. This can be identified by the letter “P” placed after the description and identification of the photograph. To verify availability, price and/or measurements of any photographs’ canvas of your interest, contact us or any of our representatives.

Personal Sessions

Memories are in the hands, not in the mind. Hands keep the memories, and sometimes even the marks; reminders of everything they’ve touched, or held throughout time. It’s this way how they create their own identity, which is ultimately a product of time and everyone’s personal experience with life.  


Each of my photographies represents a legacy, and an invaluable work of art capable of telling everlasting stories while capturing every detail in those particular hands.

Hands photographies, signed by me "The Hands Photographer", are collectible art pieces that will tell stories from generation to generation.

For sessions anywhere around the world, please contact us through the number or email attached bellow.

Commercial Sessions

Thanks to the experience, study, and dedication I’ve put into perfecting my art, I have acquired remarkable abilities and skills, that make details and particular accessories in the hands of each of my clients/models, uniquely stand out.  

I have worked with agencies, personalities and brands of worldwide prestige, fulfilling the exclusive needs of each client. 

For commercial sessions anywhere around the world, please contact us through the number or email attached bellow.


The Hands Photographer

Manolo Rodriguez F.

San Jose, Costa Rica


Tel/WhatsApp: +506 61615197