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© 2019 by  Manolo Rodriguez F. "The Hands Photographer"

About me...

My name is Manolo Rodríguez Fischnaler, I’m a documentary & fine art photographer, and author of the collection “Memoria en las Manos” (Memory in the Hands). The poem written by Pedro Salinas, which shares name with this collection, brought inspiration to this work due to the meaningfulness of its content. 

Said poem conveys that the memories are kept in the hands, not in the mind. That the soul is not the one who remembers, because its hurt of remembering so much. The hands have the memory of what they’ve had in their power. They keep not only the memories, but sometimes even the marks, of everything they’ve held or touched, slowly creating their own identity, shaped by life’s circumstances. 

Just like rocks, hands are shaped by everything that they have been through.

My passion for photographing people’s hands, has given me the experience needed to capture details so unique, that they make each photograph a legacy and a priceless piece of art, capable of transmitting never ending stories about the life of the person whose hands are being portrayed. 

​I'm best known as Manolo "The Hands Photographer". 



The Hands Photographer

Manolo Rodriguez F.

San Jose, Costa Rica


Tel/WhatsApp: +506 61615197